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A word From NitroLukeDX

What is Overworld...

OverWorld was built around Autistic Entrepreneur, streamer and competitive Gamer Luke Pickering aka Nitrolukedx & his parents Mark & Julie. 

Luke, who is proudly autistic, started creating Minecraft videos aged 13 to escape the bullying and trauma he received at school. NitroLukeDX as he’s professionally known has amassed over 1m subscribers on his YouTube Minecraft channel for kids, and 800K+ followers on his Facebook page & fronts the OverWorld socials. The family wanted to extend opportunities for success to other neurodivergent young people; starting with the fact that esports are fully inclusive & offer children & young people unique opportunities for personal development. 

From learning to converse to overcoming fear of failure or simply growing self-confidence; play is an integral part of social development for as long as humans have existed. In modern times, video games provide many people with an opportunity to enjoy time with their peers, interact effectively for a common goal & have good, clean, fun. The first OverWorld centre was opened in Fleet in 2015 then upsized to the state-of-the-art facilities in Camberley in 2021.

From parties & holiday OverWorlds to education courses & 1:1 mentorship programmes; OverWorld is developing from its humble beginnings but we will never move away from our ethos of inclusivity. To that end all individuals with SEND tournament online game for free at Overworld subsidised by our Facebook Star donations @facebook.com/NitroLukeDX.