What's it all about?

Whatsup guys!

Here at Overworld we are looking for bigger, better and more value for money way for you to get involved with everything we do! It’s no secret that we are trying to grow community gaming and to build on the success of what we’ve started.

To that end we’ve come up with the Overworld supporter program to help us give you more of what you want! We want to grow the community!

Why should you become an Overworld Supporter?

Becoming an Overworld Supporter means that you pay $15 per month with access all areas to EVERY tournament available at Overworld as well as a range of exclusive benefits for supporters ONLY!!

Here’s a list of all the benefits on the roadmap for Overworld Supporters:

  • Entry into EVERY Overworld Tournament
  • Private Discord Servers
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Exclusive Content following the Pathway Project
  • 10% Off Merchandise
  • Exclusive Overworld OBS/Streamlabs Tournament Overlay
  • Podcasts
  • Support Groups
  • Streamer/Business Webinars
  • Access to a selection of our Educational Content

How do I get involved?!


If you support NitroLukeDX on facebook you can sign up for only $10 a month below:

Monthly Subscription Cancellations

  • You may terminate your subscription at any point. To cancel you will need to contact Overworld, this is done from our end.
  • In the above circumstances your subscription will remain in force until the day before your next payment is due, at which point it will automatically terminate.

If you are looking to cancel your subscription, please email or send us a message directly on our Facebook page.