Overworld TAPP

Overworld TAPP

 Overworld Therapeutic Alternative Provision Provider


Since its launch in 2015, Overworld has developed into a multifaceted, fully inclusive company. Our new venture Overworld TAPP aims to be an all-encompassing, state of the art facility to engage & support individuals with SEND (special education needs & disabilities) who cannot access full-time mainstream education.

At Overworld, we champion neurodiversity; seeking to nurture the capability of individuals through mutual respect & a shared passion for gaming. We approach education by meeting the individual where they are. We understand that many have been traumatised by their experiences of school, many struggle to take adult direction & some may not have been able to leave the house &/or main carer for weeks, months, years even. We have extensive & ongoing training & in some cases, lived experience, of all aspects of SEND. Our safeguarding policies are robust & can be found under ‘Policies’.

Gaming not only offers visually-stimulating virtual environments; a safe fantasy world to many but it has been proven to build on the strengths many neurodivergent people have such as visual-spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, attention to visual detail, creativity, ability to think outside the box etc. Gaming at Overworld offers the unique ability to build on these strengths whilst reducing social isolation; by giving an individual a reason to leave the house & a sense of purpose & community, which many of our young people especially, have lost since being out of school.

Group gaming naturally develops communication, critical thinking, emotional regulation, flexible thinking, team & leadership skills whilst building confidence. We coach our eSports (competitive gaming) groups the same way a football coach might by enhancing the performance of individual players whilst also getting the best out of the team.

We know that only when an individual’s basic needs are met & they feel safe & heard, can they fully access their ability to learn. We have low-demand rooms within our facility, where individuals can enjoy distraction-free time with their tutors in an environment they feel happy in. Overworld also offers the following educational packages equivalent to academic qualifications:

· Creative media technical skills – where individuals can produce digital images, podcasts & YouTube videos. We also support live streaming for those over 13 to facilitate the safe creation of their own YouTube channel (private & unlisted) &/or social media brands. Safeguarding is our priority & we are fully transparent with our learners about the positive & negative aspects of public engagement by sharing lived experience

· Level 3 accredited courses in eSports for post-16 individuals. Please note the academic approach is not right for all

· AIM Qualifications. We can deliver any of their accredited courses. We also write our custom learning programs through AIM qualifications IF program. To date we have written 3 customised learning programs based around running & delivering esports tournaments, setting up a live stream & creating a digital video. These are certificated courses & processed through the AIM Qualifications awarding body.

Depending on the learner we can also take them through a certification process for learning with ASDAN. We have worked with ASDAN to create 6 certified courses based on creative media, which can be tailored with the individual.

In addition to supporting cognition & learning & communication & Interaction, we recognise that many neurodiverse people have significant sensory differences & our facility at Overworld has rooms available for sensory integration, other forms of Occupational Therapy or just to chill out if things get overwhelming. Our staff can be trained to deliver individual’s therapy schedule. We can also offer bespoke packages, liaising & chaperoning individuals to other services such as therapeutic farms or music classes because we see these as vital elements to an individual’s health & wellbeing & their success is our success.